I was born and raised in Massachusetts by parents who instilled in me a deep appreciation for the arts. They weren’t professional photographers, but they had a Nikkormat 35mm camera and they weren’t afraid to let me use it. I don’t remember a distinct moment when I decided that photography would be my hobby; rather it happened instinctively over time. I loved capturing what I saw and reflecting on it later. Photography helped me learn how I see the world.

But my parents also instilled in me a deep appreciation for practicality, so I chose a sensible career path in the creative communications industry. I kept shooting all the while, but only for myself, not for money. Then someone noticed, gave me my first assignment, and everything changed.

I’ve since photographed numerous campaigns for Hill Holliday, one of the country’s top advertising agencies; creating work for the One Fund, Boston Police, World Ocean School, Boston Boot Company, Sail Newport, and the Public Garden. I’ve gone on police ride-alongs, been harnessed to the bowsprit of a tall ship, and shared devastating, quiet moments with Boston marathon bombing survivors. My photos have been licensed by the City of Boston and the Boston 2024 Olympic Committee, and have appeared in print ads in the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine, on billboards along I-93, and in apps, sites, and social media campaigns across the web.

I shoot with a Nikon DSLR, a Pentax K1000, a Nikon 35Ti, an Olympus XA, and hopefully soon, the old Nikkormat once I have it repaired. But I firmly believe in the old saying that the best camera is the one you have with you, and some of my favorite shots were taken with an iPhone. Portra400 and Ilford HP5 are my go-to films. When I shoot for myself, my favorite subject is fresh air. I’ve chased light through the Amazonian rain forest, Rocky Mountains, and streets of Belize. But I’ve also never grown tired of photographing my home. I currently split my time between Duxbury, MA and Cape Cod where I live with my husband and pup. I still have and love my day job, but I’m always excited about what photo op will find me next.


My dog.

My husband.

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